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Corporate Culture

Company Operation Idea

Healthy, fast and sustainable 

Corporate Objectives

Seek for changes and innovation. Be professional and excellent. Strive for the best.

Corporate Spirits

To create new business everyday, to innovate everyday, to make profits every day

Company Mission and Value

Mission: to innovate for customers’ benefits 

LCN employment view

People with both talents and virtues are preferred. People with virtues but little talent will be trained for employment. People with talents but no virtue will be employed with limits. People without virtue or talent will be turned down definitely.  

LCN moral view

Modesty, steady, open, tolerant, sincere, honest, strict and impartial, kind and helpful

Corporate Positioning

LCN develops, produces and sells technical products which are most reliable, safe and easy to use. We owe our success to help customers improve productivity perseverely. 

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