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Code of Conduct

No.1 Basic code of conduct


1.       Strictly comply with company rules and professional ethics, to protect company interests and keep it confidential

2.       Focus on professional knowledge, improve production skills, develop potentials, and act positively and ambitiously.

3.       Be punctual and don’t be late for work or meetings.

4.       Maintain good mental status at work. Be devoted to work energetically and positively. Never do work-irrelevant things at work.

5.       Respond to government call of energy-saving. Cherish and economically use company’s property. Never leave water running or lights on alone if it’s unnecessary. Economically use office supplies like stationary, paper and others.

6.       Comply with management. Be devoted to the duty. Be honest and frank with one another. Mutually respect and love one another. Cooperate with colleagues and never gossip about others.

7.       Pay attention to rules of meetings and training, and remember not to talk loudly.

8.       Master safety knowledge and be alarmed all the time.


No.2 Code of Civilized Conduct

1.       No spitting. No littering. No dumping garbage out of garbage can.

2.       Treasure trees and flowers. No trampling on lawns or picking flowers.

3.       Evaluate and maintain good condition of public buildings and facilities. No graffiti.


No.3 Code of Conduct in workplaces

1.      Workplaces need to be kept neat and nice, where office supplies should be organized. Don’t tack or hang anything on the wall without permission. If it’s allowed, posters should be put up on the wall neat and nice.

2.      Desks should be tidy and without smudge. No clutter on or under desks. No work-irrelevant stuff on desks. Documents need to be organized and important files need to be locked in the cabinet. Desks need to be cleaned before day off.

3.      Doors and windows should be opened carefully.

4.      Rain gear needs to be placed at designated spots, and they shouldn’t be spread around in the office.

5.      Mandarin, instead of dialects, is preferred during communication at work.

6.      Work time: No gossiping or talking to customers or suppliers loudly. Clamor or argument is also forbidden.  

7.      No chess, cards or games playing at the office at anytime.

8.      Smoke only in designated areas.

9.      After work or meetings, attendees need to make office supplies back in order, turn off the power and clean the site.


No.4 Code of Conduct in production site

1.      Workshops, where safety production rules and operation processes need to be complied with strictly, should be kept clean. Power should be cut off before leaving workplaces.

2.      We need to concentrate at work. No wearing earphones, MP3 or any other electronics entertainments. No off-site, or exchanging work, or sleeping at work.

3.      No loud speaking, frequent moving or too much talking in workplaces. Be careful in the course of transit, in case that others would be disturbed.

4.      Workshops need to be cleaned before work and organized after work as required.

5.      Maintenance like cleaning equipments and refueling needs to be done regularly.  



No.5 Staff Etiquette Code

1.      Wear uniforms with name cards and PPE at work.

2.      Be careful with personal appearance. Wear tidy and decent clothes, which should be right sizes and match the season.

3.      Maintain personal hygiene. Take a bath and wash clothes often to ensure to smell good.

4.      Be enthusiastic to people. Don’t point at others with fingers or anything in hand. Don’t interrupt others while they are talking. Be polite to others during communication.

5.      Knock at the door before entering into others’ office. Don’t enter until it’s allowed by others, and please remember to close the door.

6.      Don’t borrow anything from others until it’s permitted, and please remember to return it back later. Apply according to company rules before borrowing something from the company, and return it back in time. If it’s damaged or lost, it should be compensated. 

7.      Speak clearly and enthusiastically on the phone, brief and to the point. If any employee answers an important phone, phone records should be made and supervisors or GM office should be informed.

8.      It’s forbidden to make private calls with company phones.

9.      Be civilized at dinning. Please queue up and eat in designated areas. Keep cafeteria clean and ensure there’s no leftover on the table after dinning.


No.6 Code of Professional Ethics

1.      All of employees’ duties should be based on protecting company’s benefits. Those who cause economical loss of the company because of violation of professional ethics should pay for the loss. As for suspects, they’ll be referred to judicial authorities for criminal responsibilities. 

2.      Fair and legitimate trade is encouraged by LCN.

3.      Employees can’t ask for or accept benefits from companies who are doing business or cooperating with LCN. If the present isn’t very valuable and it wouldn’t affect normal business relationship between two companies and turning the present down would be considered as impolite, it could be accepted in public, but the present should be submitted to HR later. Otherwise, it’ll be handled as bribery.

4.     Normally employees should turn down suppliers’ invitation to dinner. If dinning is really important for work, it should be applied by himself/herself before, and it should be approved by (D)GM. Charges will be covered by LCN.

5.     Any employee’s public and private lives should be kept distinctly separate. It’s forbidden to take advantage of work or business information to make profits for private or others’ interests.

6.     Employees should avoid hiding facts from the company. Beating around the bush, which is not telling the whole story but only some unimportant parts, should be avoided.

7.     Any employee shouldn’t be involved in the activity below unless he/she is authorized:

71 To investigate, negotiate or sign contracts in the name of company

7To guarantee or prove in the name of company

7To comment or spread news to media in the name of company

7To attend in public activities on behalf of the company

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